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Let's create a "Gathring..."

by Patrick Rea, "Love Story" Filmmaker

We've all read about Indie Filmmaker who had to mortgage their home to finish their film. Then, IF they got distribution, they were likely handed a BILL in the end for "back charges.."

Enter Gathr (no "e") Films Distribution who is all about "gathring" a community around noteworthy, niche films. Their clever "Theatrical On-Demand" model leverages social media to pre-sell enough tickets to cover the costs of the distributor and theater for a single screening. Gathr films typically support causes, messages, movements, etc. so it's all about like-minded groups "gathring" to share a unique cinematic experience. 

How do you see the film? Just buy a ticket. It's literally that simple! Use the "Buy a ticket" page on this site (or use the site), find a participating theater near you, purchase a ticket, and invite your friends via social media to do the same. Depending on the theater, only around 35-40 tickets (mid size screen) are needed to trigger a screening. This way, the filmmaker never sees any back charges. Only a hold is put on your card, and after a few weeks if the minimum required number of tickets aren't sold, there will be no screening, and no one is charged a dime.

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Team Captain

Don't just be a team player, be a Team Captain!

The first person at a theater to buy a ticket is designated the "Team Captain." Ideally, these are people who are passionate about the film/subject, and have the ability to rally support and get the ball rolling.

An ideal Team Captain would be someone who not only has a sizable social media presence, but can immediately activate a dozen or so like-minded friends to buy a ticket and share the film/trailer with their friends. But don't hesitate to buy a ticket if you want to see it. Connecting with someone who has reach on social media is exactly what we need to happen but if no one takes the plunge, it's guaranteed not to play at your local theater.

A SUPER Team Captain would be someone with a leadership roll in a large church, business or organization that could sponsor/host (see below) a screening by purchasing the Estimated Tickets Required (listed by each theater) and immediately trigger a screening. A smaller such group could buy half the amount required and challenge the lucky recipients to go out and buy one friend /co-worker/neighbor a ticket who they think should experience Leonard's inspiring message of love.

Host a Panel Discussion/Q&A

An  great optional opportunity for an organization 

The gathring doesn't have to end when we fade to black. People are going to want to ask questions and discuss what they saw, especially when it comes to Leonard. The Team Captain would then have the option to Host a Panel Discussion/Q&A immediately after for 10-20 minutes. I will empower you with information and updates that no one else is privy too as well as topic questions you could ask the audience. If I'm available, I might be able to "sit" in via skype.


The discussion could take a theological, artistic, geriatric, and/or social direction. It's totally up to the Team Captain. They can invite whoever they believe would have thoughtful input to sit on the panel. Since over half a million people met Leonard, there will typically be someone in the audience who actually met him who could spontaneously share. This would not only be fun but provide excellent PR for any organization.