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Do these screenings cost more than a typical movie ticket?

How do I get it to play at my local theater?

Just buy a ticket... That gets the ball rolling.

Will the film play at my local theater if no one buys the first ticket?

What is the film rated?

It is unrated, but the MPAA would probably give it a G.

What’s the first ticket buyer at a particular theater called?
Team Captain.

What are the qualifications for being a Team Captain?

Enthusiasm for Leonard, the mountain, God, and/or the film...

(To go, or to be a Team Captain) Shouldn't I have been to the mountain or met Leonard?

No, you've enjoyed a lot of films shot in places you've never been. Also, I will empower all Team Captains with info/updates about Leonard and the mountain that no one else knows. You will be an expert.


Can I buy the first ticket and later transfer my Team Captain status to another ticket buyer?



I think it's important to have a Q&A after, but I know I don't want to do it...?

Ask the other ticket buyers "if anyone would like to host." If not, then there won't be a Q&A. It's totally optional. NO pressure.

Team Captain... It still sounds like a lot of responsibility. Is it?
No. The whole thing is social media driven. Someone just has to start it off and get the ball rolling by enthusiastically telling their (real) friends and others on social media.


Will my name and/or email be posted somewhere as a contact?

Your Facebook name at the Gathr Blog for that theater.

I have zero social media presence, so I shouldn’t buy the first ticket, right?
No. You have friends, family, co-workers, etc. Once others start buying tickets, they can work the social media angle, and you can share the Media Kit with them.

How long do we have to reach the Estimated Tickets Required?
Usually, 3-4 weeks, but the Team Captain actually picks the date, so they can give themselves one, two, or three months.  

How many tickets have to sell before a screening is confirmed?
Depends on the theater. The minimum is listed for each theater. Don't pick a theater with a high "tipping point" unless you are part of a big organization. There are plenty of theaters between 30 and 50.

If I host a panel, who do I put on it with me?
Anyone you want. Just pick the 1-3 wise, thoughtful people... The discussion could take a variety of directions (Art, Religion etc).

My favorite Art House/Movie Palace is not listed. How do I get the film in there?
Contact me with the Location/link and I will ask Gathr to add them to the list if they can. Ideally, you would try and use one of the theaters listed, but any “ticketable venue” will work.

As the Team Captain, will I be obligated to sell tickets like a Girl Scout to reach the minimum required to confirm a screening?
No. You will only be encouraged to share the idea with your friends via social media. We  will empower you with a Media Tool Kit to assist you.

Is there any additional cost in buying the first ticket or being a Team Captain?
No. In fact, you get two free tickets if you are first.


If we don't reach the required minimum tickets, are we still charged?

No, no one is charged anything, and you aren't forced to try again.

Any more questions, just message me on Facebook, or email: